The Capital on the Park

The Capital Hotel Group: The Golden Thread.

The Capital Hotel Group specialises in providing fine apartment and hotel living in Sandton.

Our six existing establishments have already achieved record capital gains for investors.

Our unique three year guaranteed fixed-lease rental, has a track record of never having missed a payment and never having a problem of any kind with our landlords for over seven years.

Due to the success of our model, we have decided to extend the lease period option to up to nine years for investors, at a guaranteed minimum 6% escalation per year.

No wonder we like to think of The Capital on the Park as the second gold rush! And, if you need any more proof of the confidence and commitment we have in the project, we have kept back 40 apartments for ourselves!

Founded in 2008, we were formerly known as Executive Apartments and Hotels or Hydro Executive Apartments (EAH). Today, we lease or own the following developments; Hydro Park, Esprit Estate, Villa Via, 20 West, Moloko and Empire. The Capital Hotel Group also has apartment properties under construction in Rosebank, Pretoria and Cape Town.